Apparel 2015 - 2016

Lorne Park Hockey Association produces and sells branded apparel and gear in partnership with our official supplier: 

Bert's Sports Excellence. 

  There are 3 ways in which Apparel and Gear are sold:

  1- LPHA Apparel and Gear Sale days - sold at Carmen Corbasson (Cawthra) Arena on various days - Dates tbc and announced via web and email.

  2- Team Orders - Teams can order directly with Bert's - minimum order quatity of 6 required for team pricing.  Bert's can customize any number of additional items. 
      For sizing sets, Team Manager should sign them out from the store, collects order and money and provides Bert's with group order (50% deposit required) 
      See Team package flyer (prices are + HST)
  3- Retail shopping at Berts Sports Excellence - 1211 Hurontario Street, Unit B, Mississauga, ON 905-278-4780 (Note: prices for singe orders are at store retail pricing

  For questions questions regarding Apparel please contact Miraj Patel at:

  Note: Quantities and styles are limited

  Thanks for wearing LPHA Gear and showing your LP Spirit!